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Now on CLMP's recommended reading list for
Asian Pacific Heritage Month 2023

On SPD February & March 2023 Bestseller List 

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nature felt but never apprehended on Noemi Press 

cover art by Marigold Santos

collaborative text & image art inside made by Angela Peñaredondo and Claudia N. Torres-Ambriz

Angela Peñaredondo is a profoundly imaginative and subversive writer. Through queer choreographies and archipelagic poetics, she/they excavate(s) archives, unmakes maps, and inscribes mythologies. While this book can be read/felt as a “topography of survival,” it escapes total apprehension with “polyphonic quiver.                            

                 —Craig Santos Perez

nature felt by never apprehended by Angela Penaredondo

Other books by Angela Peñaredondo

All Things Lose Thousands of Times by Angela Penaredondo

All Things Lose Thousands of Times (Inlandia Institute)

Maroon, a chapbook by Angela Penaredondo

Maroon (Jamii Publishing)

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