Selected publications

in Anthologies


"Hybrid Submissions"

from Fractured Ecologies 
edited by Chad Weidner
Eyecorner Press


"To Cut an Opening for the Me: Confrontations with Ephemera" 

Urgent Possibilities: Writings on Feminist Poetics and Emergent Pedagogies on Annex Series #3, eohippus press


"Return" & "What She Wills [The Trees Behind]"

Puñeta: Political Pilpinx Poetry
edited by Eileen Tabios 
locofo chaps

Online Publications

From Apogee Journal, “thedeadteachtheliving


From Academy of American Poets, “Central Visayan Mountain Range, 1945


From Black Warrior Review (Boyfriend Village Issue), “At the Center of Lament


From Jacket2, “Ambivalent Romantics and Jagged Kinesthetics: A Conversation between Angela Peñaredondo and Jai Arun Ravine

Filipinx Authors Expanding Creative Nonfiction

Featuring: Angela Penaredondo, Amanda Ngoho Reavey, Anthony Ocampo, Jen Soriano and Grace Talusan

Digital Sala Flyer 2.png

In collaboration with the Center for Art and Thought (CA+T) and The Digital Sala, hosted by CA+T Artist-in-Residence, Jason Magabo Perez 

Video Work

The Young

When the Saints Turned to Carnival Dancers

Eve's Mistress

At the Center of Lament Video Dance Performance Collaboration with Marie Papse

Learn more about Marie Papse on her website and Instagram

Sound Collage


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Central Visayan Mountain Range, 1945

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