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Research and Pedagogical Interests

a little more about me...

I’m interested in interdisciplinary and creative collaborations related to art, pedagogy, social justice, digital humanities, research and studies on race, gender and sexuality, queer theory and culture, multi-ethnic and cultural literature (i.e. i love poetry, creative nonfiction, hybrid literature, comics, graphic novels and queer of color erotica).

As part of my teaching practice, I offer interdisciplinary, compassionate, feminist centered approaches to creative writing studies, literature analysis and art-making. I value restorative justice-informed, radically-inclusive and noncarceral approaches to teaching and learning the arts. I’m aware that these frameworks are always changing and thus, invite further discussions with others on these methodologies.


I honor works written by and about writers of color, women writers, indigenous writers, writers of the diaspora, queer identified writers, disabled writers, undocumented and writers deemed as marginalized. They are the heartbeat, backbone and engine of literature. When raised up, these stories speak many truths, reveal many modalities of being and pave the way for so many others.

As a mixed media artist, I feel the digital humanities is a platform where I can experiment with the boundaries of storytelling as well as excavating, retrieving, and reimagining memory and ancestral lineage without losing the sensorial as a form of knowing. This informs most of my video and sound work. I also have a professional background in visual arts.

As a queer Filipinx Futurist (with nods to scholars and cultural producers of Indigenous and Afro Futurism who I learn frameworks and aesthetics from), I am excited to be in dialogue and in collaboration with other queer, trans BIPOC futurists in the Humanities, in the Arts and in literature. That being said, I’m invested in queer-of-color, feminist critique that challenge and disrupt structures of heteropatriarchy and cissexism as well as sex, desire, and compulsory monogamy rooted in settler colonialism. 

I am available for (non/virtual) talks, presentations and lectures and happy to work within a diversity spaces and audiences (campuses, community and art spaces etc.).

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